Student affairs section of continuing education 

We are a diverse team that works hard to help students achieve their goals.Below is a list of services our team provides.  

 1. Military service: we help those preparing for or already serving in the military enrollment documents must be completed upon arrival at school.

 2. We are here to help you with any hardship you may face while attending school.

 3. We will help you apply for in-school scholarships.

 4. We can provide financial assistance to students with family incomes below NT$100,000.

 5. We will help students apply for all necessary insurance policies.

 6. We will help students apply for student loans.

  7.We will help the following student apply for tuition reduction:(1)children of military personnel who had died.(2)children of the physically  

     handicapped. (3)student of the mentally handicapped.(4)aboriginal Taiwanese or their children.(5)economically disadvantaged children.
  8. We will help aboriginal and economically disadvantaged student apply for 3rd party scholarships.
  9. We will help try to locate lost items.
  10. We will help students arrange leaves of absence from school.
   (a) Web-base
   (b) paper-base

  11. We will arrange for the punishment and discipline.

 Location: Administration Building ()

 Telephone: (03)5593142 ext 2729-2733

 Hours: M-F 15:30-22:00 SA 18:30-22:00

 Summer and Winter Break – 15:30~20:30

 National Holidays and Sundays closed.





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