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Research & Technology Promotion Center (RTPC)

     Research & Technology Promotion Center(RTPC) assists the faculty members in academic and technical advancement for educational purpose and economic development. It is an agency for submitting grant proposals and accepting grant awards as well as focusing on individual research, group projects and other scholarly activities (such as faculty member training, seminars and conference). In addition, technology transfer and intellectual property management activities are also provided through this office. Furthermore, to make a plentiful supply of school manpower, create an intellectual environment for academic research and provide the best recruits and partners.

The tasks of RTPC are such as the following:

  1. To correspond external research sponsor and internal resources to administer the internal grants for research programs.
  2. To support the research and project activities and promote the research outcomes.
  3. To establish the partnership with external resources in technology and business aspect.
  4. To connect and promote university services to business (such as technology research & transfer, employee training, technical consulting, testing, professional workforce, and programmed student internship) and to establish the partnership with business and industries on profit or educational purpose.
  5. To evaluate, promote, protect, market, license, negotiate and maintain inventions and other intellectual property and technical services.


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