The Department has passed IEET engineering and international science and technology education certification.

Enrollment target:

1.Bachelor class - senior high school graduates, higher vocational machinery group, chemical engineering group and resource electricity
2.Master's program - graduated from university or equivalent in engineering related departments

This department is mainly in the cultivation Domestic and foreign green technology and energy, environmental protection industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology
Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, material process and analysis, semiconductor process.


The future employment development of the students will be as follows:

Graduates of this department can be engaged in textile chemical engineer, chemical engineer, student Material technology engineer, material R & D personnel, material analysis engineer, damage analysis Engineer, quality control engineer, production technology / process engineer, pharmaceutical engineer Etc.

For further education:
Can apply for domestic and foreign chemical, materials, green energy, polymer, electronics, machinery obtained a master's and doctor's degree from the Institute of optoelectronics.

Future prospects:
This program will be based on excellent practical teaching, and be guided by characteristic development fields Industry university cooperation, technical service and professional competition, in order to help students obtain employment and promotion Improve learning ability, introduce green process, nano materials and biotechnology and other high-tech Technology to enhance the competitiveness of China's chemical materials related industries.

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