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Developing Professional Knowledge

We offer courses in both theory/practice and basic/advanced levels with diversified curriculum planning to develop students’ professional knowledge in line with industry trend, workplace need and student background.


Enhancing Practical Skills

We emphasize students’ ability to apply digital skills in the workplace; provide professional certification counseling; guide students to conduct projects on practical topics; lead students to actively participate in on-and off-campus contests.


Expanding International Horizons

We organize overseas study tours, overseas internships and study abroad; enhance foreign language skills through small-class English teaching and Japanese extracurricular counseling.


Fostering Service Enthusiasm

We implement work-study education; set up business ethics and service learning courses; cultivate sense of responsibility, honor, teamwork and service enthusiasm.


Career Development Counseling

We promote internship programs; hold business visits and teaching; hold employment counseling seminars; and invite industry experts to participate in collaborative teaching.


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