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Pioneer in industry

   Photonic industry deeply influences the global industrial development. Owing to the wider bandwidth for data transition, optical communication has become an very important technology. Other photonic technologies such as laser, LED lighting, solar cell, flat-panel display, micro-opto-mechanic, and bio-medical photonics are of the main stream in the industry  

Teacher as a friend

  Most of teachers in our department have many-years working experience in the industry. They are kind and patient. They are willing to help student to find solution for not only academic problems but also difficulties in their dairy life. Owing to the good relationship with companies in industry, teachers can help students find part-time jobs and the suitable company for practice.


Theory with practice

The courses in our department encompass both basic theory and real practice. Students are encouraged to work as a team and solve problems with the brain and hands. We have one-year industrial practice program (optional) for the senior (fourth-year) students. Now we have cultivate lots of technicians who have outstanding achievements.    

In MUST OES, we learn and grow together!

MUST OES Off-campus internship

Our Goal: Cultivating technicians with professional skills, team-work spirits, humanity quality, and global prospects.

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