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MUST Art Center




 As a leading institution of higher education in Taiwan, MingHsin University of Science and Technology places high value on technology and humanities. 

The university has upheld the idea of educating the holistic person, with emphasis on students’ appreciation for the arts.  In order to elevate artistic academic atmosphere, enhance to ability to appreciate and the interest in fine arts, and to integrate arts and education as well as campus and society by means of exhibition and performance. In August 2001, the Art Center opened and began the first arts exhibition.


Located on the MingHsin University of Science and Technology campus, the Art Center is equipped with a 60-ping floor exhibition space, including a exhibition hall and multimedia facilities. The Art Center organizes exhibitions, performances and other cultural activities, such as lectures on arts and hosts related workshops, with the hope that these activities may further the humanistic attainments of the students and teachers as well. Art Centre also provides free guide for groups.  It is designed to promote art education, improve the understanding of contemporary art on the part of both teachers and students and to highlight the fact that learning can be fun.


In addition, the Art Center is established to achieve some purpose: the first is to support and promote the arts and culture-related activities on campus in order to cultivate in students a mind to appreciate the beauty of arts. Secondly is to fulfill the functions of arts and culture education and provide the most creative space for display of arts. Finally is to foster positive interactive relationships between the school and the neighboring community, bringing arts into the community and providing people access to the school's facilities as well.


To keep in step with the general policy of the school, the Arts Centers draw up annual plans to innovatively raise the level of students' knowledge and appreciation of arts, hence fulfilling the role the Center plays in the future evolution of MingHsin University of Science and Technology.



Office LocationThe office location is on the 1st floor of Art Center.  

 TEL+886-3-5593142 ext.36513652



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